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High Speed Rail in Jurong East

High speed rail - jurong east

The Singapore government has finally announced that High Speed Rail linking Singapore and Kuala Lumpur will be sited in Jurong East – specifically Jurong Country Club which is just opposite Vision Exchange!

Congratulations to all the buyers who had the foresight to buy Vision Exchange when it was launched! As news of Jurong East being chosen as the site of the High Speed Rail spreads, more and more people are getting to know about Vision Exchange. As of today, office units and very limited F&B and medical suites are still available. It is not too late to get a unit in Vision Exchange to ride on the massive transformation that is coming up in Jurong East.

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Changes around Vision Exchange in URA Master Plan 2014

Jurong Lake District

Changes around Vision Exchange in URA Master Plan 2014

The URA Master Plan 2014 was gazetted on 6th June 2014 by the Chief Planner. See this media release. Since Vision Exchange is located in Jurong Lake District, it is worth looking at the differences (in Jurong area) between URA Master Plan 2014 and URA Master Plan 2008.

The image above is a 3D model of the Jurong Lake District that is currently on display at Vision Exchange’s Sales Gallery in Jurong East. It covers both Jurong Gateway (for business) and Lakeside (for leisure). The image below shows the Jurong area in Master Plan 2014. There are 3 notable changes in the 2014 version.

URA Master Plan 2014

1) Land parcel directly in front of Vision Exchange

The 2 plots of land that are directly in front of Vision Exchange have been rezoned as white site instead of the original commercial status. White sites give the developer the flexibility to develop the land for commercial, residential or hotel developments. It can also be developed for a mix of such uses. However, there may be accompanying guidelines for specific land parcels. The plot ratio has also been reduced from the original 7 to 3.5 and 4.2 respectively. The change in zoning gives greater flexibility on how the land can be used in time to come.

2) Hotel site (purple patch)

Two land parcels (for hotels) along Jurong Town Hall Road have been marked out. One of the plots was sold to Genting Singapore in 2012 and that is where the first ever hotel in Jurong is going to be sited. This hotel is expected to be up and running around mid 2015. The hotels in Jurong Lake District are expected to cater to both leisure and business travellers in time to come.

3) Big piece of reserve site

The big piece of reserve site directly opposite Vision Exchange was originally zoned for sports and recreation in Master Plan 2008. In the latest version, it has been zoned as reserve. This is indeed interesting as it is a big change from its previous zoning. Why? Could this be the site for the future Singapore to KL high speed rail? PM Lee has indicated previously in April 2014 that the station for the high speed rail would most likely be at Tuas West or Jurong East. There are two things to consider:

  • With the government’s vision of transforming Jurong Gateway into the largest commercial hub outside the CBD, which would be a more suitable location to set up the station for the high speed rail?
  • What kind of catalytic effect would it have for businesses and properties in Jurong Gateway should Jurong East be chosen as the site for the station?

The image below shows the Jurong area in the Master Plan for 2008.

URA Master Plan 2008

Vision Exchange Phase 2 launch

Vision Exchange is the first ever strata title commercial launch available for sale in Jurong Gateway. Phase 2 sale starts 23rd July 2014. Contact us now for a presentation or to secure your desired unit in Vision Exchange.



Vision Exchange Phase 2 launch

Vision Exchange - A1 office layout

Vision Exchange Phase 2 launch

Vision Exchange office units from #13 to #16 would be released for sale as part of the Phase 2 launch on 23 July 2014.

Contact us now for a presentation or to secure your desired unit in Vision Exchange.

Jurong East being considered for Singapore – KL high speed rail station


Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said yesterday that Jurong East together with Tuas West would be the two most likely location for the Singapore station of the high speed rail link to Kuala Lumpur. The city centre is the 3rd location considered but this is less likely because of the challenges involved due to cost and land required.

The merits of having the high speed rail station in Jurong East,

  • Jurong East is to become the transportation hub of the west with links to every part of Singapore. Travellers coming to Singapore from KL would be able to easily move on to their next destination once they get off the high speed train.
  • Jurong Gateway is earmarked to become the largest commercial hub outside the CBD. Having the high speed rail station in Jurong East would accelerate the development of Jurong Gateway.
  • Lakeside is set to become a destination for leisure. Having the high speed rail station in Jurong East provides direct access for visitors planning to go to Lakeside.

If Jurong East is chosen as the site to have the high speed rail station, it will bring about a strong boost to the values of properties in the area. Vision Exchange will stand to benefit likewise.

Vision Exchange @ Jurong Gateway open for booking

Vision Exchange, the much talked about commercial development at Jurong Gateway (part of the larger Jurong Lake District) is officially open for booking today. Vision Exchange is in the spotlight because it is the 1st ever strata title commercial project launch in Jurong Gateway. Jurong Gateway is set to become the largest commercial hub outside the CBD as envisaged by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA).

All restaurants (47 units) and medical clinics (53 units) in Vision Exchange have been released for sale. As for offices, only offices between the 6th to the 12th floor have been released for sale.

You can read more about Vision Exchange here.

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